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Old Wooden Fence Ripped Off From Storm

St Johns County Tornado Damage on April 2024

Tornadoes have once again rendered their appearance in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The storm which spanned several states in the East South Central and South Atlantic regions began on April 11, 2024. The tornado is said to have landed in St Augustine, near Samara Lakes. There are reports of tornado damage to homes and buildings in St Augustine, Bakersfield, and most of Central Florida. Officials have determined the wind speeds to have been between 90-100 mph, labeling the tornado an EF1.

Storm Damage Assessment

The total cost of damages is currently unknown. On video, the rain-wrapped tornado is visibly wide and makes its path over St Johns County. With its daunting appearance came strong winds that has shaken up county residents. Homeowners in the area reported damage to fences, backyards, shingles, and fallen trees. Clean up crews and homeowners have been hard at work to remove debris, reduce fallen tree branches, and recruit the appropriate contractors to assist in home repairs. The National Weather Service is conducting a survey of damage done in the area.

According to county officials, no deaths have been reported and only few non serious injuries. Additionally, no major structural damage was reported. In the past, Florida has experienced stronger tornadoes which have caused devastating damage to homes, roofs, business centers, infrastructure, power lines, and cherished points of interest, serving as poignant reminders of the indiscriminate power of tornadoes.

The St Johns County officials released an official Tornado Watch warning early on April 11, 2024 that was in effect until 3pm. Unfortunately, tornadoes and other storms do not always get foreseen early enough for proper preparations to be made. This highlights the importance of implementing proper preventative measures such as roof repairs and tree removal to avoid significant damage to homes. A small patch in a roof can become a much greater problem after a large storm hits and water floods into the home.

Preparing for Future Weather Threats

Homeowners can also install strong wind-resistant and storm-proof roofing systems to avoid needing constant repairs, which can add up to unncessary costs each storm season. Metal and natural slate roofs offer the ultimate fortification at a higher up-front installation cost, with the added benefit of a lower energy bill each month.

Florida is no stranger to natural disasters, and time and again, its residents have demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. As communities come together to rebuild, they stand as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, united in their determination to overcome and emerge stronger on the other side. Though the road to recovery may be long and challenging, the people of Florida are unwavering in their resolve to rebuild their homes, their communities, and their lives.

If you’re concerned about storm damage to your home or simply have questions about your roof, the Prime Roofing team is available to assist. Prime Roofing has been operating in the Northern Florida region for over a decade and is a fully licensed, state certified roofing contractor. Contact Us to schedule a consultation.

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