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Top View Of Modern House With Two Attic Windows And Metal Roofing Panels Installed

Case Studies of Residential Metal Roofing Energy Efficiency

Have you considered switching to metal roofing panels during your next roof renovation? Metal panels offer some advantages over other roofing materials. For example, they can easily meet different design and engineering needs. But what do people who have been using metal roofing for some time have to say about it?

To answer this question, we have prepared three case studies of residential metal roofing energy efficiency.

First Residential Case Study

In 2007, a hailstorm destroyed Gary Rutledge’s roof. The roof previously consisted of asphalt shingles. So, before starting the repair, Gary checked out other options.

One of Gary’s main reasons for trying something new was that asphalt shingles needed frequent maintenance and repairs. He decided to go with metal panels because they looked rich, and he learned they require little maintenance and are long-lasting. Moreover, he was interested in the way they could lower his utility bills.

The Result

One of the benefits of metal roofing he could see right away was that he could install it over the existing roof. By deciding to keep the remaining shingles on the roof, he saved on the cost of a tear-off and disposal at the landfill.

Ten to twelve years later, Gary said that the metal panels showed great results. They required very little maintenance, so he was able to save on the cost of continual shingle repairs. Moreover, hailstorms didn’t do any damage to the metal roof. And Gary was also able to save $30 on utility bills every month since he installed a metal roof.

Second Residential Case Study

medium-sized apartment building with modern touches

Bob Ross Realty, the owner and manager of Axiom Apartments in San Antonio, Texas, decided to put metal roofs on two of his four apartment buildings. He wanted to change the existing shingles because they were worn out, and the cost of maintenance was very high. So, he opted for metal panels.

Some of the reasons he chose a metal roof are:

  • Metal is long-lasting
  • With a metal roof, he could choose and mix colors
  • It’s easier to install metal roofs
  • Long-term cost savings

The Results

The owners say that the exterior of their apartments with metal roofs continues to look fresh and new, despite the strong Texas sun. Moreover, they estimate they will save $70,000 to $80,000 in maintenance costs over the next ten years because they won’t have to paint at all. Furthermore, Steve Realty has estimated a $200,000 save on roof repairs and potential damage to the interior caused by leakage.

We should also mention the aesthetic appeal the metal roofs brought to the Axiom Apartments. The owners picked gray and blue metal panels and have been receiving praises for the look. The new, modern appearance has increased the number of visitors and residents.

Third Residential Case Study

The California Tiny House company creates small, affordable homes. Furthermore, these tiny houses come with wheels, and they can be transported from place to place. For this reason, the company owners need a roof that can withstand hurricane-force winds. To make the houses functional and nice-looking, they opt for metal roofing.

The Result

Nick Mosely, one of the company founders, says they use metal panels for their Tiny Homes because this type of roof holds better to high winds. Metal panels are light, but once they lock them together, the panels don’t move. So, while driving down the highway, they don’t have to worry about losing shingles.


All in all, based on these case studies, we can conclude that metal roofs are cost-efficient. Not only is the installation process more affordable, but this type of roof doesn’t require as many repairs. Also, metal panels can endure extreme weather conditions, so the owners could save on interior and exterior repairs.

Also, we can safely say that metal roofs did a good job at being energy efficient in the long term. The owners were able to save on utility bills every month.

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