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A Newly Renovated Attic With Drywall Construction And New Window

The Importance of Attic Insulation

For most Americans, the attic is nothing more than an extra storage space for old stuff no one would think of saving when the house is on fire. If you live in your childhood home then the attic is probably where your folks kept your first finger painting, or where your old man’s rusty nail gun retired: old files, matching 1970’s Black Sabbath’s concert T-shirts, among other memorabilia have probably been dumped at the attic. 

So why would you insulate your attic especially when you don’t plan to convert it into a living space? Well, the answer to this question lies in understanding the primary role of the attic. Attics are a critical component of the roof ventilation system besides their aesthetics and structural importance. 

A properly functioning attic exhausts hot air from your home and taking in fresh air from outside, keeping the room temperature at comfortable levels at all times. This can only be achieved when the attic is insulated and it’s components including the soffit and fascia are working conditions. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of attic insulation in details

Lower energy consumption

Home cooling and heating systems reportedly account for between 50-70 percent of the energy consumed in an average American home. As aforementioned, a properly functioning attic cools or warms the house reducing the amount of energy used by your electric air conditioning equipment. 

With rising energy costs, Americans are seeking new ways to cut down on their monthly energy bill.

Naturally, when air is heated it expands, becomes lighter and wafts to a colder region. During winter when the outside is cold, warm air in the house tries to escape outside and the colder air outside flows into the house. 

During the hot summers, warm air outside flows into your home while the cooler air inside is displaced. This means that your cooling and heating systems will have to overcompensate to make sure that the house is warmer during winter and cooler during summer. 

However, if you insulate your attic, air movement in and out of the house is limited. This means that hot air in summer is kept out and cool air in the room doesn’t escape. The vice versa happens during winter. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that an insulated attic can cut down your air condition cost by at least 15%. That translates to hundreds of dollars annually depending on your family’s energy needs.

Prevent damage of the home structure 

Heat and humidity can damage the structural integrity of your home over time. When hot temperature builds up in your attic it can cause the shingles on the roof to expand and crack. You know very well that damaged shingles are roof leaks waiting to happen when they are not replaced timely. 

Attic insulation slows heat from building up in the attic and causing damage to your roof’s first line of defense. It also prevents rain water and vapor from seeping through and causing damage to your walls and the wooden structure of the house. 

A good attic insulation keeps moisture away, which means that molds and bacteria that can damage the building materials don’t find a conducive environment to thrive. 

Keeps outdoor air pollutants out 

The air outside is polluted with dust, mold, and mildew, among other common pollutants. An uninsulated attic permits this polluted air to find its way into the house. If you need quality indoor air, the key lies in insulating your attic to keep clean air in and prevent polluted air from escaping into the house. 

Enhanced indoor comfort

If you notice temperature variation of between 10 and 15 degrees between different floors in your room it’s indication that your attic needs insulation. Cold air is naturally heavier than warm air so it occupies the upper levels of the room leaving the lower floors cold and uncomfortable to stay in. 

Normally, you would deploy your cooling and heating system to correct the temperature difference, but that would mean extra energy bills at the end of the month. However, with an insulated attic the problem of noticeable temperature variance at different floors of the building is partly solved and the HVAC does little to meet the difference. Proper attic insulation is critical in enhancing indoor comfort throughout the year and saving you money while at it. 

Prevents your HVAC from wear and tear

four AC units outside a residential house in the backyard

An insulated attic eases the work of your HVAC system. This is because the attic does the heavy lifting in maintaining optimal room temperature and the HVAC doesn’t have to overwork to correct temperature variation. 

With less heat gain in the house during summers and less heat loss during winters, you family doesn’t have to over rely on the HVAC. Subsequently, the HVAC system can’t wear and tear easily from overuse. 

About Prime Roofing

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