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How to Keep Your Roof Cool in the Summer

Are some of you already wondering how they’ll deal with those energy bills in the summer? We all know that sunshine in Florida is inevitable, but sweating our T-shirts off while at home just might be — and it has nothing to do with the regular A/C we use.

Our team of roofers at Prime Roofing have been helping residential clients with stable roofing systems for over a decade now. We know that sometimes, homeowners are not even aware their roof could be the root cause of excess heat

Is it possible to keep a roof cool in the summer?

It depends on what kind of results we’re looking for. Of course, we cannot cancel out the Florida sunshine and have the roof completely cool. But what we can do is take certain steps to improve the whole situation.

Install light-colored shingles

Dark clothing in the summer is a big mistake, and it’s not just because black isn’t a fun color. The fact remains that darker colors tend to attract more sunshine. That’s why we often find ourselves practically melting on the pavement even though we’re in a plain T-shirt and shorts.

In contrast, light colors can reflect the rays and keep us cool. The same thing applies to roofs. If the shingles are light-colored, there’s a good chance they will reflect up to 90% more sunshine than dark-colored shingles. Thus, the whole house will be cooler and much more bearable to live in.

But what if you don’t have such shingles on your roof? Well, you can always call us for a perfect roof replacement or consider a minor roof improvement. You can cool down your roof by applying a couple of coats of paint that will reflect the sun rays.

Opt for asphalt shingles

We also have to take into account the materials that were used to make the roof. Some types of shingles, like the asphalt ones, contain granules that can reflect the rays and make the whole roof naturally cool. Thus, as the roof isn’t too hot, there’s no need to turn on almost every cooling device found in the house, which leads to a lower energy bill and more money to spend on other fun things.

Consider roof mist cooling systems

Even though this might sound impossible to do, these sorts of systems seem to work pretty well against scorching heat. Their main job is to spray a small amount of water onto the roof so that it evaporates. While that’s going on, the roof has time to cool down, allowing us to enjoy summer a bit more.

Create some shade or think about creating a rooftop garden

Most homeowners won’t even consider this kind of a garden because the roof they have doesn’t allow it. However, it’s possible to do it on flat roofs, and it’s pretty effective too. Since plants naturally soak in UV rays, they will protect the roof from becoming too hot during the summer.

Another good idea would be to consider creating some shade. Planting a tree or two that would keep the house cool is affordable, not to mention great for the environment. Still, one thing to note here is that trees shouldn’t be too close to the gutters. If leaves get there, you’ll have another problem on hand.

Install solar attic fans

solar attic fan

Prime Roofing is known for its expertise and quality services, but we’re also passionate about helping people keep their roofs in top-notch condition. Thus, it’s important to consider if anything can be done about trapped heat.

A hot roof won’t last as long as you want, as the heat damages it one summer at a time. Thus, solar attic fans could very well be one of the best solutions for hot roofs. These fans remove the excess heat from the top part of the house, allowing you to get rid of the problem and ensure that your roof lasts for many years to come.

No need to put up with heat — there’s always a solution

No matter how great summer is, the roof that’s over our head has to stay there for as long as possible. That’s why Prime Roofing wants to ensure every client gets what they need at an affordable price, without compromising the quality of the roof and without having to deal with all the paperwork. We have been fixing roofs, replacing them, creating new ones and coming up with innovative roofing solutions for more than a decade now. So, if you need a reliable roofing contractor that will provide you with nothing but pure quality in just a few days, give us a call at 904-530-1446 or schedule your free estimate on our contact page.

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