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Pricing a New Roof

How to determine the cost of your new roof.

Calculating the cost of a roof is a fairly straightforward process but several factors can contribute to the amount you see on your proposal.

While each roofing company may be offering similar services or materials, they are all providing those services using various means that are unique to that contractor.

When you are looking at a quote from a contractor, you are seeing the cost to hire that company’s team to manage and perform all the work required to get rid of your old roof and install a new one. There’s a lot that happens both on the roof and behind the scenes to accomplish this and it’s in this realm that most of the differences between one company and another can be found.

At Prime Roofing, there are no smoke and mirrors. We are successful because we deliver great service at all levels and make improvements to how we do what we do, year after year. We believe in providing straightforward and helpful information so you can hire the contractor that is right for you.

Our pricing model is calculated and predictable. We don’t mind sharing this information because we will use the same methodology to provide an estimate for your home, regardless of what part of town you live in or whether your insurance company is paying for your roof or not. Additionally, we don’t employ traditional sales-people so there are no commissions added to the cost of your project.

Real Price Examples

In most cases the price of a roof is directly related to how many square feet the home is. The area of a roof is on average 35% more than the square footage of a home. This is due mainly to two factors; soffit overhang and roof pitch.

In the examples below, the prices shown are what we actually charged to complete the work. In addition to our cost, you will see a range for what other local companies could have charged. We determined these ranges by reviewing public permitting records from various projects completed by other local roofing companies this year.

Typical Roof

  • Low
  • Prime
  • High
Home Size: 2230 sq feet (including garage)
Actual Roof Size: 3370 sq feet (including ridge caps and 10% waste)
Pitch: 4:12 (slight)
Special Work: Install new flashing around brick chimney. Replace skylights.
Total Price: $12,179
Rate: $361 per square (square = 100 sq ft)
Notes: This project represents a typical roof replacement with architectural shingles on a simple 1 story home.

Small Roof

  • Low
  • Prime
  • High
Home Size:1276 sq feet
Actual Roof Size: 1730 sq feet (including ridge caps and 10% waste)
Pitch: 4:12 (shallow)
Special Work: Homeowner upgraded to special DuraRidge hip and ridge caps
Total Price:$6,340
Rate: $367 per square (square = 100 sq ft)
Notes: This project represents a smaller than average roof replacement on a very simple one story home. The homeowner decided to go with the optional upgraded hip and ridge caps which added a small amount to the cost of the project

Medium Roof

  • Low
  • Prime
  • High
Home Size: 2411 sq feet
Actual Roof Size: 4080 sq feet (including ridge caps and 10% waste)
Pitch: 6:12 (moderate)
Special Work: None
Total Price: $13,975
Rate: $342 per square (square = 100 sq ft)
Notes: This project represents a typical roof replacement on a 1 story home with a common hip roof shape. This home has a walk-able pitch and is relatively simple. The existing gutters on this home were mounted through the drip edge trim on the edge of the roof and had to be removed in order to properly replace the roof.

Large Roof

  • Low
  • Prime
  • High
Home Size: 3169 sq feet (including garage)
Actual Roof Size: 5040 sq feet (including ridge caps and 10% waste)
Pitch: 8:12 (moderate to steep)
Special Work: None
Total Price: $18,316
Rate: $363 per square (square = 100 sq ft)
Notes: This project represents a typical roof replacement  on a 1 story home with a moderately complex roof line. The pitch is steeper than normal which adds additional labor costs as the work takes longer compared to a home of the same size with a shallower pitch

Large Upgraded

  • Low
  • Prime
  • High
Home Size: 5032 sq feet
Actual Roof Size: 7570 sq feet (including ridge caps and 10% waste)
Pitch: 7:12 (moderate to steep)
Special Work: Homeowner upgraded to special DuraRidge hip and ridge caps
Total Price: $34,188
Rate: $452 per square (square = 100 sq ft)
Notes: This project represents an above size average roof replacement on a 2 story home with a moderate pitch. This homeowner opted for several upgrades including the installation of a secondary water barrier and upgraded DuraRidge hip and ridge caps. Additionally, this home had several labor intensive features as well as a screened in enclosure that required extra provisions to keep it protected during construction.

Getting a quote for your roof is easy. Set up an estimate by calling 904-530-1446 or by filling out this quick form. Someone from our team will be happy to assist you and get you on your way to a better roof.

This information will only be used to add you to our system so that we can begin preparing your quote. Our site is secure but if you prefer to let us know the property address later, that is fine!
Getting a SimpleQuote is the quickest and most convenient way for you to get an accurate quote from Prime Roofing. We will send out an estimator to briefly stop by your home and get the info we need to provide you with a quote. You do not need to home for this to happen but we will call to confirm a site visit before we come out. After we evaluate your roof, we will send over a proposal for you to review including pictures, costs, and options if available. Using this method, we can typically provide a detailed quote for you to review in 1-2 days.

Our roofs are installed using higher quality underlayments, custom made drip edge flashings, and dependable 130 mph wind-rated shingles. We ensure that every material we choose is designed with function and longevity in mind. Learn more about what sets the Prime Roof System apart.

These guys did a great job on my new roof! Very reasonable pricing. Communication was good. Job only took a few days. Im very happy. Thanks again Mark.

Excellent work. Very professional, and communicated with us throughout the process. I Highly recommend them.

A great experience! Adam did a great job and was fast, proficient, and very professional. I highly recommend them!

Great roofing job and great warranty. Would use again, but hope I won't need to!

They went above and beyond. Some of my neighbors have also had roof work done by them as well.

Two weeks later other repair services had not returned my call. Within an hour Prime had called and someone was here to see the problem in 2 days. The repair was completed within a week.

They did a great job at a great price. They did everything they said they would do and were very professional and reliable. I would highly recommend them.

They replaced the skylights and did some roof repairs as well. Professional, prompt, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Prime Roofing was very prompt and professional. They kept me very informed of all aspects of scheduling, inspection, etc. I would highly recommend this company.

Quick, courteous and quality service. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing roof repairs. Thank you Mark.

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