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Damaged Shingle Roof With Major Hole

Found a Hole in Your Roof? Take Action Quick!

Having a roof over your head is one of the basic human needs. But what happens if one day you look up and realize there’s a hole in it? Turning a blind eye to a hole in your roof, no matter how tiny it is, will do no good. The issue will not go away on its own; it will just get worse.

The truth of the matter is, water is strong-willed, and once it decides to find its way, there’s no stopping it. The small hole in your roof will turn into a waterfall sooner rather than later. And just like you’d call your dentist for a bad tooth, you should call professionals to deal with the hole in your roof.

Damage Control

1. Move Your Stuff Out of Harm’s Way

As soon as you notice the hole in the roof, move all the furniture out of the way. Dealing with the leak can be quite stressful, so do yourself a favor and at least salvage your stuff. Also, certain fabrics trap water, which will eventually cause the awful mildew smell, so do this as soon as you can.

2. Contain the Leak

Once you spot the hole (or discoloration on your ceiling), grab some buckets, containers, towels, and garbage cans, and place them under the hole. Don’t forget that water can badly damage your floors as well, so switch the containers frequently to stop them from overflowing.

3. Cover the Roof with Tarp

If, for any reason, you can’t get a hold of a roofing company right away, the best thing to do — (and this is a very temporary fix!) — is to tarp the roof. When it’s safe to climb the roof, go up there and cover the area with some tarp to prevent further leaks. Keep in mind that the tarp should be at least 6 mm thick, and cover at least 4 ft around the damaged area. If the peak is out of reach, tuck the tarp under the shingles. That way, the water won’t go underneath it.

4. Take Photos of the Leak

The photos you take won’t end up in your family album to remind you of the good ol’ leak. However, if the damage is eligible for an insurance claim, you’ll have to show some proof. Also, take photos of anything and everything that’s been ruined because of the leaky roof.

The Long-Term Solution

Now that we got you covered (pun intended) with a few tips, let’s talk about the long-term solution for the hole in your roof. As we’ve shown you, it’s not a joking matter, so you’ll need professionals to deal with it. That is precisely why we’re here.

We have dealt with every roof-related problem in the book here at Prime Roofing. Having been in the business since 2010, our experience makes us one of the most adept and dependable roofing companies in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re at your service in all surrounding areas, including the Beaches, St Johns, and St Augustine.

In the ever-changing world, Prime Roofing makes a point of having the most up-to-date materials, knowledge, solutions, and professionals. We don’t just advise you on the best course of action, but we will also explain every step of the way in detail. Once you contact us, expect a prompt answer, whether your issue is an emergency or not.

After eleven years of being in the business, we’ve come up with top techniques and hand-picked materials. What we use is specially designed to withhold the unpredictable weather in the area. Prime Roofing is here to keep your roofs safe and reliable, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, and 2018 brought us the Owens Corning Platinum Certified Contractor classification. Any platinum contractor needs to show financial stability, a proven track record of quality installations, and a stellar reputation. We just happen to check all those boxes.

To Conclude

A leaky roof could seriously dampen, literally and metaphorically, both your house and your mood. Instead of having a real-life Halloween horror with buckets full of water all over the place, act as soon as you notice any problems. Take the necessary steps to prevent any further damage, call us at (904) 530-1446, and then just sit back and relax while the pros from Prime Roofing do their magic to fix the leak.

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