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Missing Shingles On Residential Roof

What to do about storm damage to your roof?

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, it can be a bit scary.  After all, your roof is a level of protection for you and your family.  But, we can help.  There are some precautions that can be taken if the damage is extensive.  However, if it’s a bit of hail damage, these precautions are unnecessary.

The roof is a large component of your home.  Without it, you and your home would be exposed to the elements.  Water loves to find its way into the home and causes all kinds of damage.

This typically happens with roof damage, so before you have anyone fix your roof, you will need to have it inspected and quoted.  This is a fairly simple process of just calling up a reputable roofing company such as Prime Roofing and scheduling an appointment.  We will come out and take a look.

However, the roofing company should be looking at more than just the roof itself.  They will need to get into the attic area of the roof to ensure there isn’t pooling water somewhere that will leave nasty surprises for you later.  This water can cause mold, rotting and all kinds of damage and could sit there unnoticed.

Roof Damage Repair

a tree has fallen over a roof during a hurricane storm

If the roof damage is extensive such as a tree or other large object has hit or fallen onto the roof, you should leave immediately.  Getting the roof assessed by a professional roofer is important.  When a large object or tree lands or hits a roof, it can cause the roof or structure, in general, to become unstable.  The home or businesses’ roof was not meant to have a gaping hole in it.  Not to mention the additional weight on the walls and foundation.

The best advice in this situation is to get out.  Take everyone and all pets with you.  Think of it as a building is about to collapse.  Do not take your time, get out of the danger.  And, stay out until someone qualified can help.

Most insurance companies will pay for the roof an all the damage done by the tree or another large object.  But, they are not always there when the storm hits.  Most of the time there is an after-hours phone number that you can call.  The first thing to do when extensive damage is done is to get out and get to safety.  From there, you can do some research to find the appropriate numbers.   Their numbers are not always easy to find.  If you need some help, give us a call, we have worked with many insurance companies over the years and may know how to help you navigate your insurance company as well.

Get out

Once out of the home, if the damage has left a gaping hole, you will need to get that tarped as soon as possible.  This will keep more damage from occurring while the storm blows over.

Once the storm is over, we can have a better look at what needs to get accomplished to restore the home to its proper form.  Sometimes, this may involve more than a roofer, but we will be sure to let you know.

For smaller damage such as hail and ripped off shingles, there is not a need to leave the home.  If the structure is still intact and it’s just a few shingles or the metal has gotten dinged up, the structure is safe to stay in.  However, it should be tarped immediately when it’s safe to do so.

As all those little pits and missing shingles can let in that pesky water and cause more underlying damage.

What to do if you are Missing Shingles?

This basic missing shingles and hail damage is also something that will be covered by insurance as well.  Any sort of storm damage insurance will cover, minus whatever your deductible is.  It is important to not move or touch anything until the insurance company has a chance to send out an adjuster.  Should you not understand what you can and cannot do before the insurance company arrives, just ask!  We are happy to help, this is to ensure you get the damage covered you deserve.

We have worked with a variety of homeowners who have had roof damage in the past.  Taking the time to fully understand what steps you need to do is important.  Many times the insurance company will explain to you the steps they expect you to take as well.

Some important things to remember when you are about to file a claim with your insurance is to ensure you have everything documented.  This means taking pictures with your phone for later is always helpful.  As well as tell them about everything and if you have had to purchase in the meantime. They will most of the time reimburse for any expenses you have occurred due to the damage.

Storm Chaser Contractors – Beware

If the area has been hit by huge storms, beware of storm chasing contractors.  These are contractors that are not from the area.  These operations are usually quite shady and expect full payment before the work even begins.   They are shady contractors who are there to make a quick buck and not there for the right reasons.  Because Florida is hit with so many tropical storms, we see this quite often.  And, we don’t want you to be their next victim.  They often complete their jobs with shady work and are gone before anyone is any wiser.  And, many times will offer to do the work and pay the homeowner’s deductible or even for free, just to get the insurance money.  Once they have their money and all the damage is fixed, they are gone without a trace.

Once the storm chaser is gone, there is no finding them again.  They pop in and out that quickly with a makeshift crew and nobody is any wiser until years later when the roof begins to fail early.  Some storm chasers simply take the money and run, with no sign of them anywhere.

Make sure you are working with one of the reputable roofing companies in Jacksonville, FL.  Ask for references and search the company up online.  A reputable company should have an online presence such as social profiles and other mentions.

If you have had storm damage and are not sure what to do, call 904-530-1446 today. We are happy to help explain the process and what is to be expected in the future.


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