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Many Roofs Of Florida Single Family Houses

Different Roof Styles Around Northeast Florida

Roofing systems are an integral part of any construction. And while durability is important, style and aesthetics are high on the list of priorities. But with so many options out there, deciding on the perfect roof style is hard.

Things get even harder when you live in an area such as Florida, which is known for its unpredictable climate. As such, choosing the right roof style becomes a matter of mixing functionality and curb appeal.

Why Is Northeast Florida Unique?

As previously mentioned, Florida has a reputation for being prone to natural disasters such as floods. As a result, homes need to be able to withstand most environmental hazards. But that doesn’t mean you need to choose functionality over style. For instance, Northeast Florida houses are the perfect combination of durability and style, providing the whole area with a unique aesthetic.

Saint Augustine Roofing Styles

Saint Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the state, and as such, has a unique architectural style. The city itself is a perfect example of how old can blend with the new to create something amazing.

st augustine old style roof large family home

If you take a look at the roofs, you will notice that most of them are made out of shingles, metal, or clay. That’s because those are some of the most durable materials available to roofing companies.

When it comes to style, you can see that the classic high slope roofs are extremely popular all around the St. Augustine area. In fact, it’s hard to walk around without seeing at least a dozen or so red roofs. And while not everyone is a fan of pitched roofs, it’s hard to deny that those increase the look and feel of the entire city.

Jacksonville Roofing Styles

Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in Florida, and as a result, is filled with interesting roof styles. For instance, you can take a look at Springfield, which is famous for its vintage homes built in the 1900s.

However, most modern Jacksonville homes are sporting the classic high-slope roof style. But why are those types of roofs so popular? Because they allow water and ice to slide down, preventing leaks and infiltrations during the rainy season. And considering that Florida is the wettest state in the country, it’s easy to understand the appeal of pitched roofs.

Moving on to materials, we can see that shingles are common in the Jacksonville area. But there are some houses that go for the more durable and good looking metal roof.

Atlantic Beach Roofing Styles

Atlantic Beach is a popular tourist destination for many sea-loving Americans. And because of that, it manages to offer some of the most diverse roofing styles in the whole state.

Although each house is different, most Atlantic Beach houses have a low sloped roof. That’s because low slopes can allow water to run off safely, without pooling and finding its way into the building. The only downside is that snow and ice will have a harder time finding their way down.

Additionally, shingle roofs are very common in Atlantic Beach, since they provide both durability and style. Even so, it’s not uncommon to find some homes that have switched to metal for their roofing material.  And considering the weather conditions in the area, it’s only a matter of time until more people will embrace metal roofs.

Ponte Vedra Roofing Styles

Ponte Vedra is one of the most beautiful looking communities in the whole Jacksonville area. And one of its trademarks are the neverending red-roofed houses that make up more than half of the shoreline.

Similar to Atlantic Beach, the houses in Ponte Vedra have a low sloped roof. And that seems to be a trend for most seaside houses, since those are most likely to stand in the way of storms. But as previously mentioned, when it comes to snow, low sloped roofs are going to struggle more.

What’s unique about Ponte Vedra is the number of clay roofs that you will see. That’s because they provide durability while also having a long lifespan. And while there are better options out there, it can’t be denied that red clay roofs have a unique appeal.

What Roofing Style Should I Choose?

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that most roofing styles will do their job just fine. But as you might have guessed, pitched roofs are some of the go-to options for the Northeast Florida area. That’s because you need a way to quickly dispatch rainwater and snow, especially during intense storms. Just remember that if the slope is too low, you can end up with leaks due to snow and ice.

When it comes to choosing the right material, your best bet would be to go with metal roofs. Not only are they extremely durable, but they can withstand all weather conditions that Florida can throw at them. Additionally, most metal roofs use recycled materials, meaning that they are environmentally friendly. But keep in mind that metal roofs require specific training and equipment, so be careful what roofing contractor you choose for them.

If metal roofs are too expensive, you can still go for a shingle roof instead. They are cheap, reliable, and can usually handle mild storms, while also improving the curb appeal of your property. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that shingles are not as durable as metal, and will need to be replaced pretty often.

Prime Roofing

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