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Large Family House With Multiple Pitched Roofs

Roof Remodeling: Benefits of Changing a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof

A flat roof sure comes with its own set of perks and advantages. However, sometimes, you might be looking at a replacement. The pitched roof, as we all know, is so much better in so many ways and under so many circumstances. If you are also looking to get your flat roof replaced by a pitched roof then you have come to the right place. Let’s figure out the right way to go about doing this.

Reasons for Converting a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof

bright attic interior of single family house

Why would anyone want to convert their flat roof to a pitched roof? Well, as it turns out, there are many reasons why this might be something you are also looking at.

The first reason is the aesthetics. The aesthetics of a pitched roof are classic and they never go out of fashion. For many, they are a thing of beauty. A pitched roof is both desirable and attractive. Homeowners often replace their flat roof with a pitched roof for appearance reasons, especially when they have just purchased a house.

Apart from appearance, we have two other key advantages that pitched roofs have over flat roofs. Pitched roofs have better drainage and increased structural stability.

But that’s not all.

  • The opportunity for extra space or even an extra room in the cavity of the pitched roof is also particularly attractive. If not a room, this space can easily be refashioned into storage space of sorts. And let’s be honest, there’s literally no reason to say no to extra storage space.
  • A pitched roof also reduces the total surface area of the roof, which allows you to better insulate your home. Minimizing the total area is a good way to better manage the temperature inside your home.
  • You can also prevent fume drive with a pitched roof. Fume drive is single-handedly responsible for the dampness on the roof underlayment structure. This weakens the roof and is a more rampant issue in the case of flat roofs. A pitched roof allows you to have a wind stream which can get rid of or reduce the fume drive damaging your roof.
  • Pitched roofs are also less expensive to reinstall. More specifically, reinstalling a pitched roof costs around 10-15% less than reinstalling a flat roof. A flat roof requires more work and the material is also more costly.
  • There are many more reasons but we will end with the lifespan aspect. Flat roofs usually last 15-20 years (except PVC roofs, which can last for up to 50 years). Pitched roofs, on the other hand, generally last for anywhere between 25 and 50 years.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

The first step when it comes to replacing a flat roof with a pitched roof is to find a suitable roofing contractor. There are many to choose from but you should only go with the best out there. The choice of materials is among a set of many considerations that have to be kept at the back of the mind when replacing a flat roof with a pitched roof.

A good roofing contractor will be able to tell you exactly what costs and materials you are looking at, not to mention the timeframe to accomplish the roofing job.

Once you have found yourself the perfect roofing contractor it’s now time to get them started. For example, here at Prime Roofing, we take conversion requests very seriously. We carefully determine the requirements and costs of the project, and we only choose from the very best when it comes to materials and equipment.

We specialize in residential roof repairs and replacements, so it’s safe to say that converting a flat roof into a pitched roof is sort of our bread and butter.

Regarding Home Value

Many homeowners are looking for a roof replacement in order to sell their home for a higher home value. Well, if that’s the reason why you want to convert your flat roof to a pitched roof, then we have to tell you that your home’s value will increase by half of the amount you spend on the replacement job.

This is a good tactic if you are selling your home in the short term, preferably within 4-5 months. For the long term, a roof replacement will end up costing you significantly more than the addition in value it will provide.


Prime Roofing can be the perfect choice for your roof conversion and replacement needs.

We are a roofing contractor in Jacksonville, FL specializing in residential roof repairs & replacements. Prime Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, top 1% of all roofers in the USA.


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