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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

Getting your roof replaced is an essential project and should be done right away. With the help of a qualified roofing contractor, it’s possible to see impressive results without having to wait around for months.

Here’s a look at what the roof replacement process includes and how long it takes to complete.

Time Required for Residential Tear Off, Re-Shingle, and Re-roofing

The average roof replacement project takes approximately 1-3 days to complete. A specialist will come and assess the rooftop, write potential issues, and begin working on crafting a personalized plan for your property. There is additional preparation work that needs to be done on the property before the project can begin.

Please note, these are estimations and certain projects may take longer. This is going to be highlighted during the initial consultation when the specialist takes a look at your rooftop.

Look for a timeline in your proposal document. With Prime Roofing, the timeline is clearly stated before the project begins so you are never kept out of the loop.

Site Preparation

The first step is to begin preparing the site. A roof cannot be replaced without appropriate and professional preparatory work being done on-site. This includes clearing the garden, setting up a dumpster for materials, clearing vehicles from the driveway, protecting plants, and making sure the rooftop is clear of debris or excess materials before beginning.

This is an essential step and has to be done with care to make sure nothing gets damaged.

The team will also take the time to speak to the property owner before moving forward. This is done to make sure both parties are on the same page and everything has been prepped the way it needs to be.

Replacement Process

The replacement process is going to entail tearing off the old roofing from one side to the other. This has to be done seamlessly to make sure nothing underneath is ripped off along with the shingles or surface materials. High-quality materials are used to complete the task.

Once the roof bed has been repaired, the team will begin to install the underlayment and move forward with the drip edge. These are essential steps in making sure everything is stable and built to last. Additional steps are going to include setting up the flashing, ridge vents, and ridge cap.

After everything is ready to go, the debris will be cleared and put into the dumpster.


After the replacement is done, the team will make sure to clean the area and make sure the roof is in working condition again. Several tests are run from one end of the roof to the other for this part of the process. The goal is to ensure the rooftop is stable, safe, and in line with the property owner’s vision.

No stone is left unturned when it comes to analyzing the newly replaced roof. The goal is to make sure it is perfect.

Here’s an example of a complete new roof installation on a beautiful home in St Augustine:

For Reliable Roofing Service

To learn more about Prime Roofing and the company’s roofing process, please take the time to call 904-530-1446 for more information. Our experienced and polite roofing specialists will be more than happy to go through how a roof is replaced, how much it costs, and what’s required for your specific case.

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