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Are You Getting Ripped Off By Your Roofing Contractor?

No one likes being ripped off. Sadly, there are many roofing contractors across the country that do this all the time. Often times, these scam artists are disguised as “professional” roofers.

Homeowners have to deal with lots of scrupulous individuals who eventually rip them off. The reputation of roofing contractors is constantly being tarnished by such individuals or firms. Many of these entities are unlicensed pretenders who have no idea about roofing.

As a homeowner, you should always trust your gut. Always apply some commonsense when settling for a roofing contractor in Florida. This will help to avoid you being ripped off by a roofing contractor.

We at Prime Roofing don’t like hearing about homeowners being ripped off by roofing contractors. We’ve witnessed it all over the years. You should always be on the lookout for red flags.

Some of the Ways Roofing Contractors May Try to Rip You Off

One of the most common ways your roofing contractor may rip you off is through overpricing the materials. Your contractor knows that you aren’t a roofing expert. He or she hopes that you’ll not notice any material overcharge. You may be billed for materials that aren’t even delivered.

On the flip side, be wary of roofing companies who may cut costs by using low-quality, outdated shingles or other roofing materials. To avoid this, double check with them and ask to have the exact brand/product name of the materials used on paper.

Always ensure you look up the pricing yourself. You can talk to another roofing contractor to find out if the prices are okay. If still in doubt, your roofing contractor should provide proof of all purchases. At Prime Roofing, the installation of a new roof for a typical house with a roof size of about 3370 sq feet costs around $12,000. This figure may vary depending on various factors.

Your roofing contractor may also try to increase his or her overall profit by doing faulty prep work. The reinstallation of skylights, flashing, and gutters may not be properly done. The roofing contractor may try to reduce labor time.

Your roofing contractor may apply one coat of paint to your roof. Painting helps fix roofing issues. Your roofing contractor hopes you don’t notice the single coat of paint on your roof.

Before your roofer leaves every day, ask him or her to show you all the work they did. You can see if they did any faulty prep work by inspecting the progress. Ensure everything looks right before they leave.

Some roofing contractors in Jacksonville use bait and switch tactics to rip off homeowners. The price that you were given quickly changes as soon as you are about to sign the contract. Your roofing contractor may term these changes as upgrades or additional costs.

The work and materials for the job should always be in the contract before any work is done. Any necessary changes should be included in the contract before being implemented. Still, they have to be approved before implementation.

Roofers may try to complete as many jobs as they can in a day. Such a roofer may rip you off. He or she may do substandard work. This may result in serious roofing issues later on. Always ask for a second opinion if you feel like your roofer has cut corners.

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At Prime Roofing, we believe that no homeowner deserves to be scammed. Our professional roofing contractors will not rip you off. We value our clients in Jacksonville, Florida. Get in touch with us today for specialized residential roofing projects.

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