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5 Reasons to Hire a Local Roofing Company

The roof of your home is an integral component of it. In fact, it is your first line of defense from the elements outside. Because of this, you should be taking extra precautions when choosing a company. Instead of opting for a national company, it would be in your best interest to choose a local roofing company. There are plenty of advantages that come with choosing to hire a local roofing company. Below, we will be detailing some of them.

Reasons To Hire A Local Roofing Company:

1. Local Footprint

A local roofing company like Prime Roofing is able to provide the local footprint you need to get the best possible results out of your roofing project. Prime Roofing has been specializing in servicing the Jacksonville area since 2010. When you hire a local company, you gain access to their vast network of local resources. Meaning, you will be able to get access to the best material suppliers and other home contractors in the area. This alone can put you in the best position to not only get the highest quality roofing work completed, but also the most competitive prices.

2. Reliance On Referrals

By hiring a company that specializes in local roofing projects like Prime Roofing, you will be hiring a company that is reliant on generating local referrals. With national roofing companies, they have big marketing budgets to work with which allows them to spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising. Therefore, they are not as worried about satisfying each and every single one of their clients. When you hire a local company like Prime Roofing, you are getting a company that is fully committed to providing the highest quality professional service to each and every single customer. Hiring a company that has a vested interest in ensuring you’re completely satisfied with the end result is the way to go. That way, both of your interests align as a consumer and as a service provider.

3. After Project Support

A local roofing company is going to be much more willing and able to offer you the kind of support after the project is completed. After all, they will be close by whenever you need them. If you have a problem with your roof or you simply want routine maintenance, you don’t have to seek out a brand new company. You have an established relationship with a local roofing company that is going to be both willing and able to offer you the assistance you need. They will be much more willing to offer a warranty for any materials and service work completed, as well.

4. Local Regulations

Roofing is a very complex industry. Every city has it’s own codes. As a result, you want to identify a roofing company that is experienced working within the local area. That way, you know that they are well-versed on the legalities and the regulations that apply to the specific area you are getting roof work completed in. By hiring someone who is experienced with local Jacksonville and the surrounding area’s regulations, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you are getting roof work by a roofing professional that knows the in’s and out’s of doing roof work in the area.

5. Best Quality Work

When you are hiring a roofing company, you want to be able to know that you are hiring professionals who will be working on your home. You don’t want to hire a company expecting certainly experienced roofers to work on your roof only to find out they subcontract work out to less experienced roofing professionals. When you hire Prime Roofing, you are getting complete in-house trained installers and roofing professionals guaranteed to deliver the best results.

Instead of falling for the marketing-hype the national roofing companies will try to sell you on, stick with your roofing professionals who are your neighbors. You are guaranteed to get the highest quality service when you choose to do business with a local roofing company that relies on your referrals and support to gain business rather than continually pump money into advertising and marketing. Prime Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor and we look forward to assisting you. To showcase our confidence in our craftsmanship, we back our roofs for a lifetime. The next time you are in need of a roofing job, call Prime Roofing at (904)-530-1446 to get your free estimate.

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