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Reasons to Consider a Metal Roof in Florida

Florida’s tropical weather includes a mix of humidity, intense heat, salty sea breezes, and frequent storms, with seasonal hurricanes lashing the landscape. That’s why so many Florida homeowners are switching to metal roofing. It’s durable, weather-resistant, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and has plenty of curb appeal. Let’s look more closely at why metal roofs are a smart choice for Florida’s unique climate.

Benefits of Metal Roofs in Florida

Longevity and Durability

Traditional asphalt roofs last approximately 20 years before they need major repairs or replacement, but metal roofs can last over 50 years with minimal maintenance. They are up to the task of enduring Florida’s blistering sun and its unforgiving storms and salty air. 

Storm and Fire Protection

The toughness and durability of a metal roof survives the harshest conditions. Metal panels remain securely in place, even in winds exceeding 150 mph in hurricane-prone areas. Unlike tiled or woodshake roofs, metal will never crack or shatter in hailstorms. Plus, they’re fire-resistant and provide great protection for your home against lightning strikes, downed power lines, and gas leaks.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs reflect radiant solar heat to help keep your home cool, reducing your IAQ bill. Homeowners who install ENERGY STAR compliant metal roofing report savings of up to 40% every month. Opt for ventilated metal construction for enhanced energy efficiency.


Metal roofs feature materials such as 100% recyclable steel and aluminum. That minimizes landfill waste and reduces environmental impact. It is possible to recycle old metal roofs into new products, increasing sustainability. 

Aesthetic Appeal

A roof is not just functional; it enhances the curb appeal of a structure. Today, metal roofs come with numerous finishes, colors, textures, and profiles to match your home’s aesthetics. 

Types of Metal Roofs

Metal is the ideal material for roofing, especially in Florida. Florida’s climate can be rough on roofs in an environment where hurricanes, tropical storms, and heavy rains are a way of life. Steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc, roofing systems are engineered to lock together and overlap to provide solid resistance against the elements. 

  • Galvanized Steel – Coated with zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. 
  • Aluminum – Rust-resistant and lightweight, treated with plastisol cladding and PVDF coatings.
  • Copper – Resistant to mold, algae, and weather. Their finish changes color over time to a beautiful patina. 
  • Zinc – Highly resistant to corrosion. Sourced from recycled materials, adding to their eco-friendly appeal.
  • Steel Tile and Shingle – These roof materials mix strength with aesthetic appeal and advanced coatings for durability.

Reach Out to the Team at Prime Roofing for an Estimate

We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of choosing the right metal roof for your home. Our team has the experience and licensing you need to ensure you get a sustainable, high-strength, low-maintenance roof that lasts a lifetime. 

A metal roof is a home and lifestyle investment capable of withstanding the most severe Florida weather and environmental conditions. Whether it’s resisting the high windspeeds of hurricanes or simply beating the heat, a metal roof is a wise, sustainable investment for Florida homeowners.

Contact Prime Roofing today to speak with a roofing professional about your next home project.

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