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Who Is the Ideal Homeowner for a Metal Roof?

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing solution in many regions — but homeowners exploring the best solution for their new roofs can certainly benefit from exploring other options.

Metal roofs are an often overlooked option that offers numerous advantages. Could a metal roof be right for you? Why? And, if you’re exploring metal roofing options seriously, which options should you be aware of?

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Homeowners have several compelling reasons to consider a metal roof, which can consist of large panels or roof shingles. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Metal roofs are durable. The lifespan of asphalt shingles doesn’t exceed 25 years in most cases, but metal roofs are built to last. A standing seam metal roof may remain in excellent condition for 40 to 70 years. What’s more, these robust roofs can easily withstand extreme weather like hailstorms and heavy snow.
  • Metal roofs can be extremely energy efficient. You wouldn’t think so at first glance, but metal roofs reflect solar heat — reducing your energy costs during the summer by keeping your home cooler.
  • Metal roofs are low-maintenance. Metal roofs don’t corrode, warp, or require ongoing maintenance.
  • Metal roofs are eco-friendly. Because metal panels and shingles are often made from recycled materials, this type of roof can be environmentally conscious. (The increased energy efficiency contributes to their overall ecological profile, too!)

Metal Roofs: The Drawbacks

Despite their many advantages, metal roofs do have some serious drawbacks. Metal roofs are, for example, more expensive to install and can be noisy when it rains. Furthermore, not everyone enjoys the look of a metal roof — and not all roofing contractors have training in their installation, so it may be harder to find someone to install a metal roof. 

Who Is the Ideal Homeowner for a Metal Roof?

A metal roof could be the perfect solution for you if you don’t mind higher upfront costs to make long-term savings and you’re after a durable solution. If a metal roof is your ideal option, you’re probably living in your “forever home.” 

You may also be drawn to metal roof panels or shingles if you live in an area that frequently suffers extreme weather and you’re hoping to avoid damage. You might find the slight noise the roof makes as it rains comforting and cozy rather than annoying — noise-sensitive people may not enjoy metal roofs. 

Finally, metal roofs are ideal for thrifty and ecologically-conscious homeowners who love the thought of a low-maintenance roof that will remain in great condition without much attention.

What Are Your Options?

The most commonly used materials to manufacture metal panels are:

  • Aluminum — inexpensive and heat-reflecting but less aesthetically appealing to many.
  • Steel — beautiful, durable, and common (meaning you won’t have trouble finding a contractor to install a steel roof), but also expensive.
  • Copper — stunning and charming as well as fire-resistant, with extreme durability of more than six decades. Copper does oxidize, which some love and others don’t.
  • Corrugated metal — the least expensive option, but also the metal roof type that requires the most maintenance. 
  • Stone-coated — some metal shingles are coated with clay or slate to give them the appearance of a traditional shingle roof. However, these roofs still have many of the same benefits as other metal roofs.

With so many options, homeowners who would like to reap the benefits of a metal roof won’t have much trouble finding a type of roof that suits their unique needs! Consult a trusted roofing contractor to discuss the pros and cons of each option for your home, and enjoy a durable roof you won’t have to worry about for decades!

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