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The Biggest Events and Conferences in Florida Roofing That You Can’t Miss

As a Florida roofing professional you probably know just how important it is to stay on top of trends. Participating in local and national roofing conferences is one way to keep your craft up to date, and stay on top of emerging roofing trends. Innovation not only breeds competition, but it also gives you the tools needed to help your business grow. Prime Roofing has put together a list of some of the top conferences and shows that you shouldn’t miss.

Top Roofing Contractor Organizations and Events 2022

Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association Expo

The FRSA Expo is held every summer, usually in Daytona Beach. This is the largest expo of its kind in the whole country. Usually, there are a minimum of 4,000 participants and more than 200 exhibiting companies at each expo. The show is the perfect chance to see new products, roofing materials, applications, and other innovations that can help move your roofing company forward. As an exhibitor, it is a great opportunity to grow your pipeline and get your products out to roofers all over Florida and beyond.

Prime Roofing is a proud residential shingle & metal roofing partner of the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Association and regularly attends their conferences.

Design and Construction Week

Florida is proud to host Design and Construction Week each year alongside the NAHB International Builders’ Show. Though not roofing exclusive, these two events garner more than 50k visitors from all over the country. The show gives designers and builders alike a chance to show off their new concepts or learn some to apply to their own businesses. In addition, there are often new product launches for all aspects of the building, including new roofing innovations. You can join as a participant or as a guest, registrations start in the fall and the event is held every February.

IIBEC Convention & Trade Show

The International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants is made up of specialists in the field of roofing, design, exterior wall specifications, and waterproofing. The convention is geared toward those who seek to expand their knowledge base in their respective fields. It also gives visitors a chance to develop strong relationships with vendors and peers in their field.

In addition to numerous stalls and demonstrations, more than 18 hours of live educational seminars are provided. There is also a two-day trade show and product demonstrations for those interested in expanding their business offerings. The convention is held every spring, typically in March or April in the Florida metro area.

Roofing Alliance Member Meeting

If you are a Florida roofer, chances are you have heard of or have joined the Roofing Alliance. The NRCA annual member meeting is held in Florida every spring. The organization is dedicated to continuing roofer education on new techniques, regulations, changes in the industry, and much more. They also work to help the roofing industry as a whole excel.


You have heard of Comicon, but for those in the roofing industry, RoofCon is the event of the year. Not only will this year’s event be hosted in Orlando, but the lineup is set to be the best in history. RoofCON is a true networking event for roofing professionals who are looking to build their brand, expand their reach, and boost their revenues.

There are usually 2,000+ high-profile attendees ranging from salespeople and roofing managers to high-integrity roofing owners and leading service providers. Though not part of RoofCON, MetalCON is also held around the same time frame and offers a second venue for innovative roofers to expand their horizons.

Keep Your Roofing Skills Up To Date With Prime Roofing

If you are in the market for skilled roofing services, always hire the best. Here at Prime Roofing, we offer competitive rates for all of our expert roofing services. We have been in business for more than two decades and we are Owens Corning Platinum Certified Contractor classified. If you are in need of a new roof, or if you just want to schedule some repairs, we are here to help. To find out more about our roofing services, or to get an estimate, give us a call at 904-530-1446 now.

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