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CNC Industrial Laser Cutting Metal Panels

An Inside Look at the Metal Roof Manufacturing Process

Most people experience their roof as a finished product. In some cases, they may even have the pleasure of seeing their metal roof installed. The metal roofing manufacture process is convoluted and involves many industrial-grade tools and technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the mental roof manufacturing process so you can understand just how much work goes into protecting your home.

What is Residential Roofing Made of?

Residential roofing is made up of a variety of materials that all come together to form a secure barrier against the elements. The actual panels of a metal roof are comprised of zinc, copper, iron, aluminum, and even steel. Prime Roofers typically use steel or aluminum, however, metal roofing contractors in Florida offer plenty of varieties are available on the market. The main metals are melted and then shaped into large sheets. These sheets are then turned into coils that are then thinned to various gauges appropriate for roofing needs. The coil is galvanized and annealed before it is sent off for fabrication.

The Anatomy of A Metal Roof

By now you probably realize that metal roofing takes a lot of different parts to make an effective whole. Depending on the style, material, roof shape, and installation method, some parts may be more commonly used than others. Some widely used metal roofing components are:

Ridge/Hip – helps prevent debris and water intrusion

Eaves – helps to keep mental roof installs stable

Valley – offers superior waterproofing with built-in cleats

Trim – made to order according to the material used for the rest of the roof

Plus ridge panels – E grade steel which is super hard and Galvalume coated

Flashings – customized to cover pipes and vents on the house exterior

Skylights covers – customized metal roof pieces to cover skylights and other unique areas

Tapes & sealants – used to connect roof parts together for longevity

Drip edging – special sections used as part of the trip to keep water away from the home

Insulation – heat blockers, water repellers, standing seam protection & more.

Sealants – adhesives, foam closures, tacky tape, and hip cap sealers

How Metal Roofing Panels are Manufactured

steel gray metal sheet roofs on home

Metal roofing starts off in the warehouse as pre-painted coils of strong roofing metal. These coils of metal are stored in a temperature-controlled setting so that when they are applied to your roof, they are 100% ready to deal with the elements on your behalf. Residential roofing is usually cut to order, though precut panels are also available. Once an order is placed, the pre-painted coils are placed onto an uncoiler that is then fed into a roll former.

Metal roofing is still metal and needs to be heated in order to attain a shape that will fit a residential roof. The component that heats the metal as it is fed through the uncloiler is called a heat box. The panels are heated at 1,000 degrees which softens the metal just enough to allow the steel to be shaped into the appropriate roof style slats.

Each shaped panel will be given a product grade along with the date of its shaping. The shaped panel is then cut to length per the project specifications. These flying sheer cuts allow for precision measurements for each and every order. Once the sheets have been cut, they are then sent through a series of rollers that shape them into the roof panel profile. Before being shipped out, there is a cover sheet placed on the very top of the stack to keep it safe during transport. The next time you will see these sheets is usually at the job site or when it is actually being installed on the roof itself.

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