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Roofing Contractor Job Plan

Why Roofing Contractors Need Roof Plans

In simplest terms, a roof plan is a diagram or drawing that shows the proposed development of a roof. It contains information about the roof structure, including everything from draining and ventilation locations to the size, shape, and placement of the components. The roof plan is a crucial part of any project related to residential and commercial roofing. It can also be used to plan repairs, extensions, or renovations that take place in the future.

Use of the Roof Plan

After your roofing contractor comes out to your home, one of the things they will do is survey your roof. This gives them an idea of what materials they will need and what work needs to be done. If the project is a smaller one, a basic roof plan may be used. This might focus only on the placement of materials and shape of the roof. On larger projects, the plan will offer many more details about every part of the roof.

Roof Plan Visuals

Most roof plans for residential projects will be a 2D sketch of your roof from above. There will also be markings and annotations to draw attention to slopes, ridges, and roof pitch. Most plans are the same scale as the floor plan for the home it is being made for. In some cases, the roof plan will be a part of another document, such as a comprehensive site plan.

Roof Framing Plan

Another document that is often confused with a roof plan is a roof framing plan. This plan focuses on the structure and supports of the roof while it is being built on. Roof framing plans are usually needed for complicated projects in both residential or commercial situations. It offers information about the materials, specifications, and additional information about the construction.

Project Use of a Roof Plan

Your roof plan is mainly going to be used during the current project on your roof replacement job in Jacksonville, FL. You may be kept up to date with any changes or concerns as things process. If you aren’t sure how to read the roof plan or have questions about some part of it, feel free to ask questions. Your roofing contractor can help you and explain what you don’t understand. If you are looking to have roofing work done in Jacksonville, consider contacting Prime Roofing. We would be happy to plan out a project with you. Contact us through our website or call (904) 530-1446.

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