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Laid Out Roofing Felt On Top Of A Small Shed Roof

Why Do Roofing Contractors Use Roofing Felt?

Everybody knows that the roof is an important part of our home that protects us from the elements. However, fewer people know each individual part that goes into their roofing system. In fact, chances are that they only know about things like shingles, gutters, and vents. Yet, a roof is much more complex, containing essential components that all work together to provide you with the protection you need.

Let us take a look at one such component, called roofing felt, and see why professional roofing contractors rely on it.

What Is Roofing Felt?

several rolls of grey roofing felt

Roofing felt is an underlayment that sits between the roof deck and the shingles. Its main purpose is to serve as another layer of protection from rain, wind, and snow. As a result, contractors install it on the deck before fixing the roof shingles.

Usually, roofing felt contains two components: a base and a protective coating. The base can be natural, made with wood cellulose, or synthetic, made with fiberglass or polyester. Similarly, the protective coating can be made from different materials, such as bitumen, which is great for repelling water.

Why Is Roofing Felt Essential?

When it was first introduced, roofing felt acted as a temporary waterproof solution that protected the home while the roof was being constructed. Nowadays, roofing felt is an essential part of any roofing system that has a variety of purposes:

  • Water Protection — Roofing felt is waterproof, meaning that it protects your attic from infiltration. It also acts as a secondary barrier in case one or more of your shingles become damaged.
  • Weather Protection — Roofing felt can also protect your home from other weather conditions, such as snow, hail, and extreme heat. In fact, high-quality roofing felt can even prevent mold and mildew.
  • Fire Protection — Roofing felt usually has a Class A fire rating, meaning that it can withstand severe or light fire exposure. And when contractors combine it with high-quality shingles, roofing felt can protect your home from internal and external fires.
  • Roof Deck Protection — Sometimes, roofing contractors can’t install all the shingles in one day, especially during severe weather conditions. Luckily, in the meantime, roofing felt will protect your roof deck with ease. It also protects your deck in case you need to replace one or more of your shingles.


Ultimately, it’s easy to see why, nowadays, roofing felt is more than essential. Not only does it protect your roof deck from water, but it also provides an additional barrier against debris. And while not every contractor uses roofing felt, most professionals will install it in order to protect your home.

Here at Prime Roofing, we use both a specially designed water barrier and a high-end synthetic underlayment. As a result, every roof we install is not only waterproof but also extremely durable. And best of all, you receive all that at some of the most affordable prices on the market.

So, do you want to relax and enjoy one of the best roofs available? Then give us a call at (904) 530-1446 or send us a message and let us take care of your home’s protection!


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