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How The Prime Roof Is Made (Infographic)

How The Prime Roof Is Made

prime roofing process infographic

1. Preparing the work site

– Good site prep is key to keeping projects orderly and reducing debris. We set up tarps and use magnets to catch loose nails and shingles.

2. Take down the existing roof

– Typically, everything is removed down to to the plywood. Thousands of shingles and nails are removed during a roof replacement.

3. Inspect your decking

– Our crew will inspect your roof’s decking, which we’ve found Plywood and 1×6 Ipe decking boards to be the most common in Northeast Florida. Any weak or rotted wood will be replaced and corrected before the new roof is installed.

4. Setup Water Barrier

– We use special “high-temperature” rated, self-adhering water barrier installed at key locations on your roof, keeping your roof dry.

5. Synthetic Underlayment

– Underlayment keeps the roof dry during construction and acts as a vapor barrier for the life of the roof.

6. Drip Edge

– The Drip Edge is installed to seal and protect the roof perimeter.

7. Start installing new shingles

– Installation starts at the bottom of the roof, over-top of the starter shingle, and continues upwards. 

8. Flashing the Plumbing Stacks and Roof Vents

– We properly waterproof your roof’s unique penetrations to prevent leaks and repairs down the road.

9. Attic Ventilation

– Ridge ventilation is installed near the peaks of the roof to allow excess heat and moisture to flow freely out of the attic space.

10. Hip & Ridge Caps

– Hip and ridge caps lock in the joining sections of a roof and create a clean, finished appearance.

About Prime Roofing

Prime Roofing is a top-rated roofing contractor in Jacksonville Florida. We offer free inspections for homes in the beaches Area, St. Johns, St. Augustine, and other nearby areas. Our contact information is below.

Company Name: Prime Roofing

Company Address: 13725 Beach Blvd, Suite 13, Jacksonville, FL 32224

Company Phone: (904) 530-1446

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