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Roofer Installing New Roof Using A Nail Gun

How to prepare for a roof replacement project

So, how do you prepare for a roof replacement project? It’s an exciting time where your roof is in need of repair but there are steps you should take to keep your pets and family safe. As the roofing company begins to work, children and pets can become curious and even want to get up close and see what the workers are doing. Once work has begun, your home or business is now a work zone with dangers of the unknown all around. There are nail guns and shingles which can lead to things falling from the roof.

Kids and pets are also disturbed by loud noises.  Replacing a roof is a noisy job and this should be taken into consideration.  Often times pets don’t like the noise and this can make them anxious. An anxious pet can destroy things that otherwise they would have left alone. You should find a place for your pets to go, a friends home or a pet resort to avoid this.  

Relocate your car

Allowing your roofing contractor to have the prime parking spot will save time and money.  Often the roofing contractor has to get to his tools, which are stored inside the vehicle. Allowing him to park where it is easy to access this will save him time and your money. So, move your car, put it where you can come and go as you please and not disturb the contractors as well as allowing them to get closer to the job site.  If you park in the garage and the drive is going to block you from leaving, consider parking along the curb or where you will not get blocked in. Also, make sure you keep the garage door closed so that dirt and debris from the roof don’t enter it.

Remove all wall decor for safe keeping

Knick knacks on the shelves can be affected by the vibrations coming off the roof. Consider removing all wall decor that may be affected if it were to fall. This is most important on the level that is just under the roof. Keeping your valuables safe is important and it won’t take too long to go around and remove them.  

Move patio and grill furniture

Anything decorative outside that is around the perimeter of the home should be removed and stored in a safe place.  Things like nails, tools, and shingles can slide off the roof at a moments notice. Moving all this will allow the roofers access to the roof anywhere around the home.  This will also keep your belongings safe from falling objects. If you don’t have indoor storage for these items, moving them away from the home in a neat pile until the roof replacement job is complete will help.

Let the neighbors know

Letting your neighbors know will be truly appreciated. As they will have to endure the noise as well. Sometimes they will have to prepare for a place for their pets as well, depending on how close the neighbors are. It is a much-appreciated gesture that doesn’t take a lot of time.

Be sure you prepare you and your loved ones for this great experience.  Remember, construction is only a temporary inconvenience for beautiful results.  

If you’re located in the Northeast Florida area, and you’re looking for a professional roofing contractor’s help, feel free to contact Prime Roofing at (904) 530-1446.


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