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5 Tips for Making Your Roof Last Longer

Whether your roof is brand new or years old, maintaining it can help to prolong its life and keep you from having to replace it in the coming years. Looking to make your roof last longer? Here are 5 key tips for getting the most out of your current roof.

Avoid Power Washing Your Shingles

Come summer, everyone is tempted to bust out the power washer and get to work. After all, no one wants to look at unsightly grime while lounging in their Lanai. However, when you’re wielding that power washing, you’re going to want to avoid washing your shingles. Doing so might just take a few years off the life of your roof.

Concentrated spray from a power washer can quickly loosen the necessary granules from the top coating of shingles. This can result in damages that likely won’t be covered by the warranty. Once those granules are gone, they’re gone for the life of your roof.  With that, your roof is more prone to age rapidly. Instead of power washing, opt for a broom or leaf blower to remove any build-up of moss.

Fortify The Roof

When you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes and thunderstorm-related winds, reinforcing your roof is a must. It is something every Northern Florida homeowner should do when they procure a new roof. It is a three-stage practice that preserves and prolongs the life of your roof. It starts with the installment of seal decking with an appropriate tape and sealant.

Second, installers use nails known as ring- shank nails that have a bulky ribbing. These can combat any air uplift. Third, installers will seal down the roof’s perimeters with metal flashing. The upgrade may cost an additional $700 to $1200 but is well worth the investment when living in an area prone to wind damage.

Check Your In-Home Ventilation

Think what’s going on inside your home has zero to do with your roof? Think again. In humid regions, in-home ventilation can prove a problem-spot for roof endurance. Deficient or inadequately placed attic soffits or ducts can create moisture on the plywood that reinforces your roof shingles. Over time, this can lead to decay. A badly placed exhaust fan in upper-level bathrooms that vent into the attic can do the same. Have a contractor check your system and suggest any possible fixes. It may cost a bit upfront but may save you from shelling out several thousand for a new roof.

Trim Any Overhanging Branches

Trees can be an essential part of any landscape. Unfortunately, poorly placed branches can limit the lifespan of your roof. A little bit of preventative tree-trimming can go a long way in keeping your roof damage-free. In areas prone to high-winds like Florida, abrasion from limbs that touch your roof can gravely damages shingles over time.

Overhanging branches can also give rodents and squirrels easy access to your roof. Once on the roof, they can gnaw on your roof and siding. The rule of thumb is to keep all branches at least 10 feet away from your roof to keep pests away. If that’s simply not possible, wrap the trunk of the tree in the sheet metal to prevent animals from climbing.

Remember, you should always leave tree trimming to the pros, just as you would leave roofing to the pros.

Get To Know Your Roof

Take photos of your roof now and get to know how it looks when all is well. Then, look and listen. When you live in a place prone to wind, rain, and hail, you’re going to want to give your roof a check afterward to make sure everything is still intact. Here’s what to look for:

  • Damaged flashing around vents
  • Damaged flashing around chimneys or skylights
  • Loss or missing shingles
  • Curled shingles
  • Noticeable storm damage to your roof structure

If any of these things are seen by eye, hire a quality roofing service to inspect your roof as soon as possible. Most problems are simple to fix, but you want to fix them before the water gets in and damage costs escalate.

About Prime Roofing

Prime Roofing is a Jacksonville FL residential roofing contractor offering premium shingle and metal roofing solutions in Northern Florida. We are a local roofing company that trains our crew members from the ground up, teaching them top-notch roofing skills, professionalism, and communication.

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