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The 5 Most Popular Night Clubs in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city that will leave you spoilt for choice on the best option for a great night out. With a variety of night clubs offering the best experiences and services, you will not lack a specific joint that suits your preference. There are a number of good clubs that have been in existence since 1920.

The clubs feature great ambience, a variety of cocktail drinks, beaches to relax at and live music to get you entertained. Some of these clubs include the Cuba Libre Bar, Flask & Cannon, the Lemon Bar, Suite and The Parlour. Get yourself into one of these Jacksonville popular night clubs and bring your imagination into a colourful reality.

Cuba Libre Bar

cuba libre bar in jacksonville

Cuba Libre Bar is one of Jacksonville’s popular night club situated in San Marco. In this club, you get an opportunity to learn new salsa moves that you can practice during the entire time you are at the club. This means that you come to the club as a dancing newbie and having an opportunity to practice all night, and leave the club a salsa expert.

Once you get hungry, there is a restaurant just next to the club called Havana Jax Restaurant that offers some of the best Cuban dishes. Revellers prefer the club for its good ambience, ample parking space that allows you to keep sight of your vehicle and drinks that come in a variety and fairly priced. When you get tired of dancing and only need to relax, Cuba Libre Bar offers you live entertainment. The club is also located at a convenient place and this means that you are secure during the entire time you spend there.

Lemon Bar

lemon bar jacksonville beach fl

Lemon Bar is another night club in Jacksonville located 12 miles off Atlantic Blvd. If you are looking for a little paradise in Jacksonville away from home, then the Lemon Bar is the place to be at. There are a variety of activities that take place at this club that makes your time worthwhile. Other than sitting, drinking and bonding with old friends, you realize that there is so much you can do to keep your mind relaxed and your body excited.

Lemon Bar does not only offer alcoholic drinks as is the norm for most night clubs. Here, you have an opportunity to enjoy refreshing tropical drinks and delicacies such as delicious hamburgers, local Mayport Shrimp and Ahi Tuna. The club welcomes you during the evening’s happy hour where you can catch up with friends and even get to watch moonrise. There is ample space for you to still cycle and catch up with friends. Finally, at Lemon Bar, you can enjoy refreshing drinks such as Rum Runner.

Flask & Cannon

The Flax-&-Cannon located at the Jax Beach is a night club that would give you a night of amazing experience. This club in Jacksonville that will not leave you broke for spending too much on drinks. They have a variety of drinks and cocktails fairly priced that you get to enjoy all night. The drinks to choose from are over 80 in variety so that means that without having to dry up your wallet, you have a lot to refresh.

The night club is simply a home away from home. Regardless of whether it’s extremely packed or not, the place is never stuffy. You get to catch up with friends and hang out at the beach all night waiting for sunrise. The concoctions available are not about sparing your wallet from drying up, it is about you enjoying the variety most of which you have not had a taste of before. Flask-&-Cannon is available to help you have more than just fun in a club.


Suite is another night club in Jacksonville located at the Southside. Young people have this tendency of taking events such as birthdays to clubs. Suite is a club that would meet all your needs for an exceptional birthday and make it an event to remember. Their services are professional and they have staff who are very hospitable. This helps you appreciate your choice for a club to hold your event. Besides being hospitable, Suite holds major formal events from time to time.

This allows you dress your best every time you make a decision to spend some time there, whether alone or with friends. The club is ideal for after-work hangouts with drinks that are available in plenty and there is always enough place in case you want to hang out with a group. Suite is among the clubs that you visit occasionally because of their way of doing things. Events are occasional and do not happen all the time and that is why any visit to this club leaves a memory that’s worth keeping.

The Parlour

The Parlour is a club that is situated in the heart of San Marco. It is designed in such a way that any person that would pass close by will be aroused with curiosity. The Parlous does not just have one entrance. You can use the secretive entrance to get through where there is a hidden passageway. This is especially useful if you do not want to meet familiar faces or need to spend some time alone. If you are looking forward to impressing that lady you promised a date out or a group of friends who came visiting you from a different town, this would be the ideal place to take them. Their cocktails are handmade and have live music throughout to keep you relaxed and entertained.

The Parlour have owners who are friendly and make you feel at home. The staff are well trained and offer the best customer experience to all their clients. Another great thing about this club is that the back remains open. If you want to listen to some soft and mellow music in an environment filled with fresh air, Parlour would be the place to be. It has become the people’s new hangout joint.


Times have now changed in Jacksonville. People no longer need to have their events in their home compounds where there is limited space with little or no ambience. Choosing one of these great night clubs for a night of fun will leave you with an imprinted memory.

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