Check out the slides below to get a quick overview of how a typical roof is installed

Work begins with the removal of the old roof. Typically, everything is removed right down to to the plywood. Thousands of shingles and nails are removed during a roof replacement, so we take special provisions to ensure the process is as tidy as possible.
Once the roof is removed, our crew will inspect your roof's decking (commonly plywood or 1x6) to ensure it is up to current building code and in good enough condition for the new roof. Any weak or rotted wood will be replaced and corrected before the new roof is installed.
Water Barrier Installation
Prime Roofing uses special "high-temperature" rated, self-adhering water barrier installed at key locations on your roof. This product will keep your roof dry all by itself, but ultimately acts as a second line of defense when the Florida weather whips up. We use this product standard in valleys, along walls, and around any roof penetrations.
Underlayment serves a two-fold purpose as part of a roof system. It keeps the roof dry during construction and acts as a vapor barrier for the life of the roof. Prime Roofing utilizes a high-strength synthetic underlayment that is 40 times stronger than traditional felt-paper. Additionally, our synthetic underlayment lays ultra flat and is guaranteed not to break-down over time.
Next up is the drip edge and starter shingle. The part sets the stage for the rest of the shingle installation and locks in the edge of your roof
Shingle Installation
The shingles are the main focal point of the roof and do most of the heavy lifting in keeping your home dry. Installation starts at the bottom of the roof, over-top of the starter shingle, and continues upwards. We recommend Owens Corning Duration shingles, which are Lifetime Rated and designed to withstand wind-speeds in excess of 130mph!
Hip and ridge caps are made of the same material as the shingles, but are specially designed to be used along the peaks and hips of a roof. They lock in the joining sections of a roof and create a clean, finished appearance.

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