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Get familiar with the basics of a quality metal roofing system



We are passionate about the metal roofing trade and have innovated our own specialized techniques and methods that provide dependable and consistent work. There are things we do for the roofs we install that are unique to the industry and result in higher quality, better-looking work.  


1. Eave

Our heavy-gauge, oversized eave profile with locking design is secure and beautiful, ensuring your roof stays put even in high winds.

2. Gable/Rake

We site form seamless, fully hemmed gable panels for stronger wind resistance and a cleaner appearance.

standing seam metal roof sidewall and headwall

3. Sidewall and Headwall

We utilize a sleek, low profile wall flashing design that is significantly less noticeable and more attractive than how most contractors handle this detail. 

4. Valley

Our custom-made valley has a built-in cleat that looks great and provides superior waterproofing crucial for this part of your roof.


5. Ridge/Hip

Our proprietary locking ridge & hip detail installs straighter and is fully sealed to prevent water and debris intrusion.


6. Pipes and Vents

The pipe and vent flashings we install are made in-house, specifically for your roof. This ensures they will match the look of your new roof and last just as long.


7. Skylights/ Custom Details

Special and unique areas are not a problem for us. We have a full fabrication shop to ensure even tricky details are installed just right.


8. Chimney and Chase Detail

We can fabricate chase covers for your chimney to match the style of your new roof or add an elegant finish to the home.


Prime Roofing installs two types of standing seam-style metal roofs for homeowners and builders in the Jacksonville and Beaches areas. 


Formal Profile: Englert A1000 or New Tech SS450

This style of standing seam is what many people imagine when considering a standing seam metal roof for their home. We call it a “ClipLock” because it uses both attachment clips like a traditional mechanically seamed roof but also has a modern design with a built-in locking profile to secure each panel to the roof. This panel has taller ribs, creating dramatic roof lines and the quintessential standing seam look.

These panels are attached to the roof with heavy gauge clips that secure the panel to the roof deck. Adjoining panels lock onto the clip, creating a solid attachment that allows the panels to “float” during thermal expansion and contraction, reducing the appearance of dimples and waves in the metal.

This style panel is what we consider to provide the classic and original standing seam look, which, to many, offers better aesthetics over the standard 1″ SnapLock style. It is also the perfect panel to mount solar equipment.


Formal Profile: Englert A1101 or New Tech FF100

This is a commonly installed standing-seam style panel in the Jacksonville area due to its more straightforward installation and broader availability. A SnapLock panel is significantly stronger than a shingle roof and provides a clean and elegant appearance. It is the most cost-effective way to get a metal roof that will protect your home for decades!

With a SnapLock-style system, the panels are attached to the roof using the panel’s built-in fastening strip. The adjoining panels are “locked” together via a patented profile design that completely conceals the fasteners for a seamless and clean appearance.

A SnapLock roof is the most cost-effective way to get a quality standing seam roof installed on your home. The design of the profile is not as bold, which can lend itself better to certain design styles depending on the homeowner’s preferences and the desired look of the house.

An important note about metal roofs:

When doing research on metal roofing, things can quickly become confusing because of the many different names of systems/ profile types associated with various distributors, fabricators, and installers. In reality, only two companies produce almost all of the equipment used to form roofing panels; New Tech Machinery and Englert Metals. Furthermore, both of these equipment manufacturers have ties to each other and each company’s equipment produces almost identical panel profiles. Depending on the company or contractor using the equipment, the name of the profile is often changed, but they are in fact all the same profile! However, this does not mean the finished work of each company is the same. There are many different aspects of the fabrication and installation of a metal roofing system that can vary from company to company and it’s in those areas that Prime Roofing set’s itself apart!



Has no stiffening ribs and is most prone to the effects of oil canning


The most common way in Jacksonville to finish a panel and also the most effective at diffusing the appearance of oil canning


An effective but less common way to reduce oil canning and add design to a panel.


Galvalume is carbon steel coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy. It is strong, versatile, and cost-effective. The thickness of Galvalume is measure in gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. Galvalume is the most common material used in metal applications due to its cost, availability, and strength

Aluminum is inherently resistant to corrosion caused by saltwater making it an ideal choice for roofing applications near the water. Aluminum is also more expensive than Galvalume but should not be considered superior in every application. Aluminum thickness is measured in decimals; the higher the number, the thicker the metal.


A mill finish panel simply describes a panel that is unpainted and has the appearance of bare steel. Mill finish delivers the classic silver-metallic look and compliments a variety of home styles

Kynar 500 PVDF describes the premium paint coating that is factory applied to colored panels. Kynar paint resists fading, chalking, and chipping; designed to stay looking great for the life of the roof. Kynar coatings also increase the corrosion resistance of the metal

Finishes can be applied to a variety of colors. Check out some of the color options available HERE


Oil canning describes the appearance of minor buckling and rippling in a roof panel. It is a natural feature of metal roofs and unavoidable. However, utilizing proper installation, quality materials, and a few tricks of the trade, it can be reduced greatly.

Set up an estimate by calling 904-530-1446 or by filling out a quick form. Someone from our team will be happy to assist you and get you on your way to a better roof.

These guys did a great job on my new roof! Very reasonable pricing. Communication was good. Job only took a few days. Im very happy. Thanks again Mark.

Excellent work. Very professional, and communicated with us throughout the process. I Highly recommend them.

A great experience! Adam did a great job and was fast, proficient, and very professional. I highly recommend them!

Great roofing job and great warranty. Would use again, but hope I won’t need to!

They went above and beyond. Some of my neighbors have also had roof work done by them as well.

Two weeks later other repair services had not returned my call. Within an hour Prime had called and someone was here to see the problem in 2 days. The repair was completed within a week.

They did a great job at a great price. They did everything they said they would do and were very professional and reliable. I would highly recommend them.

They replaced the skylights and did some roof repairs as well. Professional, prompt, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Prime Roofing was very prompt and professional. They kept me very informed of all aspects of scheduling, inspection, etc. I would highly recommend this company.

Quick, courteous and quality service. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing roof repairs. Thank you Mark.

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