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Picture Of Old And Tearing Roof

6 Causes of Roof Damage in Florida

Keeping the roof in good condition is crucial for ensuring the safety of a home. We know that most owners aren’t experts in roof maintenance. So, we created this article about 6 causes of roof damage in Florida that homeowners need to be aware of. If you notice any issues with the roof, you should contact Prime Roofing immediately in order to get help from professionals.


Heat and exposure to UV rays are not only dangerous for homeowners but also for their roofs. If exposed to direct sunlight, the structure of the roof can deteriorate over time. Parts of the roof could become susceptible to cracking and distortion.

Thus, it’s important that owners check the state of their roof regularly. In case the roof is damaged by heat, we advise seeking the assistance of a roofing contractor.

Stormy weather

Strong winds and rain could damage the roof since heavy rains can produce enough water to weaken the structure. What’s more, strong winds can break or rip off shingles from the house. That could lead to the buildup of moisture, which would seriously damage the roof.

Therefore, owners should check if the shingles are in place after heavy rains and strong winds. In case their roof is damaged, or the shingles are missing, they should contact our company and get help from professionals.


Trees are one of the most common causes of roof damage. A dying tree could fall on the roof, and strong wind during storms could break branches and limbs which may lead to them collapsing on the house.

So, it’s vital that homeowners keep trees around their home neat. They should make sure that the branches are trimmed properly and that they are far enough from the roof’s edge. In addition, animals won’t be able to get on the roof if the tree isn’t too close to the house. Thus, by trimming trees, owners would solve another big problem.

Poor Maintenance

A roof needs to be properly maintained in order to prevent greater damage from occurring. Often times, a small issue such as a few cracked shingles or clogged gutters can escalate and become a much bigger problem. Every homeowner should take a moment at least once a month to inspect their roof and take care of any hazards.


Hot and humid weather creates a perfect setting for algae growth. This organism can weaken the roof and loosen its structure.

Homeowners can keep the algae from appearing and spreading by hiring a reliable contractor. Our company will ensure that the roof is covered with high-quality shingles that prevent the growth of dangerous organisms.


Another thing that homeowners should be afraid of is moss. Even though many people consider moss to be just a cosmetic issue, this plant can be the root of a more serious problem. It soaks up moisture, which could lead to water damage. Water can weaken the roof and cause it to break down.

Anyone who notices moss on their roof should hire a roofing contractor as soon as possible. Professionals will deal with the issue by installing zinc or copper strips or applying chemical treatments in order to get rid of moss.

It’s crucial that every homeowner is aware of the most common causes of roof damage, and checks their roof regularly. By hiring the right company and addressing the problem immediately, they’ll be able to save a lot of time and money. Here at Prime Roofing, we’ll make sure that your home is safe and the roof is in the best possible shape.

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