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8 Celebrities that Proudly Call Jacksonville, Florida Their Home

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Jacksonville is a city located in northeast Florida. It sits near the Atlantic shore and is tied together by bridges that cross over rivers to unite the populace in the downtown region with the beaches close by. The city is named after Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida territory in 1822, who eventually became the seventh President of the United States. Click here to read more about Jacksonville’s history. When a land mass scale is used, it is the largest metro area and has a population of about 850000. The current Mayor of the city is Lenny Curry, who presides over a City Council with 19 members (five at-large and 14 elected members). At the moment, Jacksonville is experiencing an economic upheaval that is characterized by business expansion, top-notch restaurants, vibrant art and music scene which has resulted in higher living standards. The following are eight celebrities that proudly call Jacksonville their home.

The List

Ashley Michele Green

Ashley Michele Green is a famous actress and model. She was born on February 21 1987 in Jacksonville to Joseph Lacy Greene and Michele (Tatum). Her father is a former US marine who owns a concrete business firm, whilst her mother is an insurance broker. She loves taekwondo and is a self-confessed tomboy. In her teen years, her mother enrolled her into modeling classes to boost her self-esteem but her height (5 feet 5 inches) was a hindrance. Later, she took a commercial class in a public school which led to acting class and the acting bug bit her. At seventeen years of age, her parents allowed her to move to L.A. Her excellent grades allowed her to graduate early from high school and enter into the world of acting. She started with small roles in TV shows: Crossing Jordan (2008), Punk’d (2003), and King of California (2007). Her big break came in 2008 when she acted as Alice Cullen in the film Twilight and Twilight Saga series that thrust her into limelight.

Rex Smith

Rex Smith is a native of Jacksonville and was born there on 19 September 1955. He is an actor and a singer. In the 70s he enjoyed a stint as a teenager idol with a gold top-10 single dubbed “You Take My Breath Away”. He took up some acting and appeared in the films: “The Pirates of Penzance”, “The Human Comedy”, “Baby” and “West Side Story”. He served as a co-host in the famous music show, Solid Gold from 1982 to 1983.

Barbie Blank

Barbie Blank was born on 15th January 1987 in Jacksonville. She is a profession professional wrestler. Before taking wrestling she was a full-time bikini model and she modeled for Venus Swimwear. She made her debut into wrestling, in Ohio Valley Wrestling bikini contest. There was no winner in this contest because ODB attacked all the participants. She started her professional wrestling at the tender age of 19, making her the youngest member on the WWE roster. Her WWE name was Kelly Kelly and she won a tag match in 1994. She is also famous for her role on “WAGS”, a reality television series that premiered on August 2015.

Pat Boone

Pat Bonne was born Charles Eugene Patrick Boone on 1st June 1934 in Jacksonville. He is an actor, singer, author, songwriter and motivational speaker. He was educated at North Texas State College and Columbia University. He began his entertainment career when he emceed during a teenage talent show on television and radio in Nashville, Tennessee. He was a highly successful pop singer from 1950 to 1960s. His album sales have exceeded 45 million. His famous songs are: “Earnest Gold” “Moody River, “Bernadine” and “Speedy Gonzales”, “The Main Attraction” and “Loves Lane”.

Jessica Morris

Jessica Ann Morris was born on 16th May 1979 in Jacksonville. She is an actress who is famous for playing the role of Jennifer Rappaport on ABC’s regular series “One Life to Live”, an award-winning soap opera. She began by modeling in Japan at a tender age of 16 years. During her struggling actor days she played a role in the movie “The Young and Restless”. She made an appearance in Universal studio successful theatrical “Role Models”. Recently she starred on several TV hit shows: “The Wrong Teacher”, “Rosewood” and “Perception”.

Patrika Darbo

Patrika Darbo, born on 6th April 1948 in Jacksonville is an actress and film producer. She is famous for her role as Nancy Wesley in the popular TV series “Days of Our Lives”. She attended the Theater Atlanta of Drama and Georgia Southern College. A trademark high-pitched laughter defines her personality. She has also played leading roles in the films: “Step by Step”, “Rango” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Paula Kelly

Paula Kelly was born on 21st October 1943 in Jacksonville. She is an actress and dancer. The TV series that made her popular are: “Sanford and Son” and “Golden Girls”. She also acted in the films “Sophisticated Ladies” and “The Dozens”.” She received an NAACP Image Award for Best Actress in 1972 for the film “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope”. She was the first person to show pubic hair in the 1969 issue of Playboy Magazine.

Patrick Heusinger

Paul Heusinger is another famous actor born and raised in Jacksonville. He is famous for acting in the films: Frances Ha (2012), Jack Reacher Never look Back (2016) and Absentia (2017). To his friends he is known by his Irish nick-name Paddy. He attended the Douglas Anderson School of Arts. He has played a leading role in the TV hit series “Gossip Girl” and “Royal Pains.”


From the list above Jacksonville can be referred to as the home of actors and actresses. The geographical position of Jacksonville makes it the destination of choice for tourists looking for a luxury but affordable holiday. It has the largest urban pack system, having 10 national and state parks. The cosmopolitan nightlife, genuine cuisine and craft-beer scene makes it a unique destination. Anything is possible in Jacksonville: you can be motivated by the city’s cultural scene, ignite a failing romance or reconnect with your family.

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